Einstein Vision terms of service

If you’re signing up with your Salesforce (“SFDC”) or Heroku credentials: Your use of the Service is subject to the following terms of service: http://www.sfdcstatic.com/assets/pdf/misc/salesforce_MSA.pdf (“MSA”), as well as to the following Supplemental Terms, which are hereby incorporated to such MSA by reference.

Supplemental Terms:

Your use of the Einstein Vision Service (the “Service”) includes 1,000 free Predictions per calendar month. SFDC reserves the right to limit the size of databases, the number of Models that You can train and Your general access to the Service’s API. You understand that the above limitation is contractual in nature (i.e., it is not limited as a technical matter in the Service) and therefore You agree to strictly review Your use of the Service to conform with the limit set forth above. SFDC may review Your use of the Service at any time through the Service.

“Prediction” means an API call to the Services with the purpose of generating a prediction; for sake of clarity such API call url contains “predict”.

Unused Predictions are forfeited at the end of each calendar month and do not roll over to subsequent calendar months. The beginning and end of each calendar month will conform with UTC Time.

Einstein Vision Services are available in English only.

You acknowledge that SFDC may access Your Data submitted to Einstein Vision for the purpose of training and improving the Einstein Vision Service and any other of SFDC’s current and future similar or related features, products and/or services. SFDC represents and warrants that it does not, and will not, share Your Data with any other customers.

You shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations in Your collection, use, processing and retention of any images and other personal data submitted to the Einstein Vision Services, and hereby represent and warrant that You have obtained all consents and provided all notices (including, if applicable, through clear disclosure in privacy policies) that are necessary to use, process, and retain all images You submit to Einstein Vision Services. You may not use the Einstein Vision Services to create or analyze biometric identifiers such as face prints or fingerprints, or scans of eyes, hands or facial geometry, nor may You use the Einstein Vision Services for the purposes of analyzing, profiling or targeting someone’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, age, gender, sex life, sexual orientation, criminal convictions, disability, health status or medical condition.